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The Harvey Nexus Projected Impact numbers – breaking down our service so you can see what we do.

As a non-profit recruitment and career coaching organization, we are mindful of making sure our community, funders, partners, candidates, and clients understand our business model and impact for those we serve.


We’re passionate about providing clarity within recruitment, and building a model of talent sourcing and business support that steps beyond profit motive and into sustainable territory hinges on how we communicate our vision and mission, right down to the minute of how many people we help, the projects we run, the initiatives we help and our funding model.


As such, we wanted to start our year as we mean to go on – with honesty and transparency about our goals.


We’re still early in our journey, and we’ve got a long way to go, but understanding where we’re headed is vital if you want to understand how we work, why we work and who we work for.


Our leaders say it best – what our impact numbers mean and how we’re aiming to get there:


It only takes a few passionate people to make a difference and create a village driven by love and a genuine drive knowing that our actions today can significantly change and touch somebody’s life. – Jhenielle Gibbs


Unity is strength in whatever you do… When there is teamwork and collaboration, great things can and will be achieved. How we manage and harness our desires and actions for the good of mankind is key to move forward in our time. If your actions inspire others to dream more, be more, learn more, do more and become more, join us. –  Patrick Delfosse


Our Projected Impact Numbers are our yearly benchmark: our drive and focus are embodied in our projected goals.


Applicant Support and Community Assistance


      544 applicants to be working directly with Harvey Nexus Career Coaches,

      820 job seekers to participate in group career coaching session,

      5,376 candidates to benefit from our resources to help with their career and personal development,

      518 people to attend job interviews with transportation help,

      1836 households to receive groceries and resources to help with their job search through Harvey Nexus Feed and Teach Program,

      635 Families to receive toiletries, home care products and career resources to help stretch their budget,

      500 children to experience the holidays with gifts and blankets.


Career, Applications and Development


      To receive and administer 6500 applicants for various full time and part time positions,

      2800 candidates to gain permanent employment,

      1000 candidates to gain temporary employment,

      1,158 job seekers in recruitment and career coaching services to learn new skills for a successful job search,

      400 candidates to complete the career coaching Program and 85% to find improved jobs.


Media Outreach and Marketing


      500,000 individuals impacted by our virtual promotion of job and career resources via social media outreach and wider marketing campaigns.


Our Projected Numbers are a commitment to making tangible, real world change. Harvey Nexus has made a promise to work with integrity and with an open door.


If you’d like to know about how we’ve built our Projected Impact figures, or if you’d like to know more about our sustainable, non-profit approach to recruitment, please head to our contact page to get in touch!


Harvey Nexus is a non-profit recruitment organization, committed to helping communities, business leaders and workers in Texas and beyond through, recruitment, career coaching, jobs networking, business incubation and acceleration.

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