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How To Get Experience In Your Field

Landing your dream job can be a very lengthy and demanding process. It can even be more challenging when your current experience does not match the opportunity that you are pursuing.


You may be thinking to yourself; how do I get experience? Or How do I become more marketable and relevant to my employer?


Well… We got you covered!


Below are 5 ways you can gain experience in your field.


1. Volunteer Work

Volunteering is a great way to get experience in your field. Not only will you gain relevant experience, but you will also have the opportunity to give back to the community while help out an organization or business at the same time.


There are always volunteer opportunities available. You can check out our current volunteer opportunities or visit similar websites like Catchafire to help you find volunteer opportunities that match up with your skills.


2. Internship

Internships are one of the most sought-after ways to get experience. Many companies and organizations have internships programs for college students and recent college graduates. Sometimes these internships can lead to full time jobs.


3. Freelance

Freelancing is also another great way to get experience in your field while also building your brand. When freelancing you can promote yourself and take on task and projects as you please. This is a great way to gain more leadership experience.


4. Networking

Networking is also another great way to get experience in your field. Having conversations with those in your field and expressing your interest is very helpful. It is important to attend networking events such as conferences and workshops to make connections. Virtual events are very popular these days and very easy to find.


5. Find Different Opportunities at Your Current Job

Sometimes there are opportunities at your current job that can help you get experience in your desired field. For example, if you are a journalism major and you work for a retail store there might be an opportunity for you to use your journalism skills for a certain project at your job. Having experience in your field is very important when it comes time to apply for jobs. Put yourself in a position to land those jobs by using our tips to help you gain experience.

        De’Nitria Price


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