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The Non-Profit Sector is Changing the World

          Our organization, Harvey Nexus is a non-profit, Why? Because we want to contribute towards the community without commercializing the efforts. It furthers a social cause of securing a functional society so that business leaders, employees and employer satisfaction might be achieved. Non-profits are changing the global perceptions by being the change of the future. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics the non-profit sector contributed USD1.04 trillion to the GDP of the United States of America. The hype is all about their effectiveness and their success in changing the world for better.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Has recently reported a budget of $2.6 billion which they use to create a better world for everyone. The organizations work on the education, health and nutrition of the deserving communities. Further, their development program operates at a global level to provide sustainable solutions for community problems. Similarly, Partners in Health, a Boston based organization is another non-profit which designs social programs to help the communities have better access to health services.


The story of emerging non-profits doesn’t end here, in-fact there is a wildlife conservation fund which helps secure the endangered animals. The New-York based World Wildlife Fund is an organization which operates in 100 countries. The goal is to sustain the biodiversity of the world. In a recent effort, it’s worth mentioning that WWF has lobbied hard to save the free-flowing rivers, in Montenegro, from the small hydropower projects. The efforts are real and its surprising that non-profits have evolved pretty much to even lobby against the governments.


Therefore, it’s now an accepted fact that after the globalization


The role of organizations and their effectiveness in the world has increased. The non-profits are the type of organizations which work for the social uplift of the glocal community. Harvey Nexus understands the importance of these non-profits for changing the global perspective on economics, environment, social inclusion, and cultural preservation. Corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers can’t have a good impact on the world unless they devise a win-win strategy for every stake holder. It’s important that before helping businesses and individuals re-shape themselves into sustainable mode of operations and transactions, we present a working model of a non-profit.


The incubation and accelerator program


Is for the sake of supporting the innovation. It’s worth mentioning that 90% of the startups fail, based on a calculation as quoted by Forbes. The top reason they fail is because of the avoidable mistakes. Those fault-lines can be amended under a mentorship which is focused on the general well-being of the society, a non-profit mentorship organization. A successful startup creates better job opportunities and contributes to the overall GDP of the country. This is the social cause which has been adopted by the Harvey Nexus. Similarly, Human Development Index is a straightforward goal adopted by the United Nations, it also falls in the ambit of non-profits to help people attain more skills and the resultant financial independence. The non-profit is the future, and we aim to make it a reality. The question is, would you be a part of it?


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