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A little note to our volunteers: Thank You!

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good”



  Volunteers are incredibly important to a nonprofit. They commit their time and effort to give back to the community while learning new skills. On the other hand, many nonprofit organizations will not operate without volunteers as most of them rely heavily on volunteer work to accomplish their mission.


  Today, approximately 63 million Americans devote their free time and energy to make a difference. According to the documents of The Social Project, while the social capital has a remarkable decline, volunteering has increased over time and volunteers continue to assist the COVID-19 pandemic.


  People volunteer for different reasons. Some people are interested in gaining knowledge and new skills, meeting new people, and expanding their network to build a new career. Others just want to give back, support a neighbor or encourage a beneficial activity to their societies.


  Volunteers might work without any compensation, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. They are worth their weight in gold so it is very important to remember their acknowledgments and let them know that they are valuable to your organization. It is worth the time to find the best words to express your gratitude.


  No matter how you recognize your volunteers, it is important that you do. The most important thing you can do is to say Thank You!


  As Harvey Nexus’ team, we would like to thank each of our volunteers for donating their time, talent, and hard work. We are so grateful that you chose us!

        Ece Yorganci


Harvey Nexus is a non-profit recruitment organization, committed to helping communities, business leaders and workers in Texas and beyond through, recruitment, career coaching, jobs networking, business incubation and acceleration.

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