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Video Interview Tips

Let’s accept the fact that COVID-19 has been affecting everything in our lives. Nothing is the same, including the interview processes that we have grown used to; and we have started to adapt to a new normal.


Video interviews have been taking the place of traditional on-site interviews and it will be useful for you to get used to the idea of getting in front of the camera if you want to land your dream job.


While your skills and experiences will get you invited for the video interview, your performance will take you to the next round. That’s why you need to rock this interview. How would you do that? Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Dress to Impress: It is always a good idea to dress as you would go to your face-to-face interview. Don’t make the mistake of wearing your pajamas waist down thinking it won’t be seen. Avoid bright colors and always use the colors that would go well with the camera.


  • Choose a quiet place: Make sure you choose a location that is free of children, pets, noise, and any distractions. Always check your background and remove anything that seems overcrowded.


  • Use Body Language: You may not be in the same room with the interviewer but you need to use your body language to impress. Sit up straight, make gestures, and try to look at the camera, not to the screen. 


  • Check your tech: It is always best to make a trial run with your equipment a couple of days before your interview. Check your internet connection, microphones, and camera if they’re working properly. Practicing before the big day will give you an idea of how you sound and you will have a chance to fix anything malfunctioning.  

  • Be Well Prepared: Research the company and position you’ve applied for, take notes and prepare questions you need to ask the interviewer. 


Video interviews are becoming more and more important these days and with these tips, you will be able to prepare well and increase your chance of success.

        Ece Yorganci


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