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How to Impress Your Hiring Manager


Job interviews are probably one of the most important times for job seekers. You need to be well prepared as well as relaxed to attract the hiring manager’s attention and land your dream job. While there is no handbook about what hiring managers are looking for in candidates, it is best to be fully prepared before the big day so you can feel a bit more relaxed and confident. 


If you are preparing for your upcoming job interview, keep these steps in your mind so your interview will be a success.


1.     Research the company: It will be impressive when you show that you’ve researched the company thoroughly before the interview. Google the company’s products & services, whom they are competing with, and news about them. Being enthusiastic about the company and the position you’ve applied for will give a positive impression to the hiring manager.


2.     Be yourself: In almost every interview, the hiring manager will ask you who you are and what you do. The time is clicking and you need to show off your best skills and what makes you unique. Tell the hiring manager your relevant experiences and how you are related to the job.


3.     Ask good questions: At the end of the interviews, most hiring managers will ask you if you have questions for them. Preparing a good list of questions will make you more professional and engaged. 


4.     Demonstrate why you are a good fit: The best way to show that you’re a good fit for the hiring manager is to show relevant experiences and skills for the position you’ve applied for. Discuss accomplishments you’ve achieved in your career and related experiences in your prior role. 


5.     Send a thank-you email after the interview: It is considered thoughtful to shoot a thank you email note to your interviewer right after your interview. Highlighting the important parts of your interview will not only show you as a good listener but also will give the hiring manager a positive impression of you. 

        Ece Yorganci


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