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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of the hiring process. Most companies adopted different hiring strategies compared to previous years and changed their way of recruiting. The change came in many forms including remote working, video interviewing, and hiring freezes. 


It became nearly impossible for recruiters to screen and interview the candidates in person as quarantine and social distancing became the new normal in our lives. Thanks to the power of technology, companies adapted to change quickly and digital platforms are now an important part of the recruiting process. As face-to-face interviews are still considered risky today, companies and recruiting agencies prefer to use digital applications like Hangout, Zoom, and Skype. In addition to these platforms, some companies prefer to use pre-recorded interviews. The candidates film themselves while they are answering the questions. 


Remote working took its place in the hiring trends of 2021. Companies switched to remote working overnight due to Covid19. The transformation was smooth and it seems that many companies will continue to stick with it for a while. Employees prove that they can be both productive and creative while they are given flexibility working from their homes.


One of the few positive things about 2020 is creating an awareness of Equity and Diversity in workplaces. Many businesses start campaigns about equal opportunities and make emphasis on diversity.


Social recruiting is another important hiring trend today. Recruiters will use social platforms like LinkedIn to find and hire candidates for future possibilities. Job seekers need to use social networks more effectively in order to expand their networks. 

Ece Yorganci


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