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Burnout 2021: part 2 – VaaS and what it means for you.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Burnout – how to spot the signs of Burnout in our uniquely fragmented and changing workplaces, and how leaders can focus on new metrics to increase happiness and engagement.


Burnout mitigation was one of the takeaways from our last article on noticing the signs and causes of modern workplace burnout.


Mitigating burnout is an exercise in personnel management, performance management and good old fashioned empathy and understanding.


Good management and business leadership takes into account each employee’s specific set of circumstances, or tries their best to do so, and finds a way of communicating fairly and with candor the options they have: things like workload management, recognition and reward management, continuous performance reviewing and communal appreciation go a long way to helping staff turn a corner.


But we’re championing another way to help mitigate the causes and reasons behind stress and workplace negativity: Volunteering-as-a-Service.


Volunteering is widely known as a good thing to do, or participate in, but it’s mental health, workplace health, team building and spiritual benefits are so incredibly tangible to be almost transformational to a company and their staff.


A corporate understanding of what volunteering is, is where VaaS comes in – it’s a system of organizing business-wide volunteering for all members of your company, with the goal of wholesale mental health improvement, that sits alongside the hard work done in whatever channel of volunteering you decide to go down.


Volunteering also builds your brand – although volunteering on a company wide level should never be done for the sake of it, your brand will only benefit from aligning yourself with a volunteering program. Giving back to your community and wanting nothing in return is altruism in its truest form, and at the corporate level you’ll find your community advocating for you, talent coming to you, and your business standing improving.


What does volunteering your staff do for your company?


Encourages team building


      Activity days and team building trips are nothing new – but what would happen if you factored in volunteering into your team building programs? Volunteering is an inherently positive activity, and having your team use their time to give back, as a group, to their community, is an effective tool in building trust, empathy, teamwork and alignment with your corporate and social values.


      It could also be a chance for teams from different departments or areas to come together, and build a relationship.


Community mindedness


      Organizing community projects while battling with COVID has been incredibly difficult, but so many incredible charitable bodies and companies are doing amazing work, pivoting resources and networks to helping those in need. Harvey Nexus was founded for that exact reason!


      Your community will simply benefit from your hard work. Your company will be a part of positive change. Your people will feel their work outside of their day to day means something.


Family relationships


      Something we’re keen to highlight is Volunteering-as-a-Service does not have to be just about working aged people. We’re eager to involve our workers’ families and children in community volunteering, both as a way of encouraging multi-generational bonding and learning, but by making volunteering understood and accessible for the next generation of young professionals, community workers and leaders.


Your brand and branding positivity


      Although it should come last in the scale of importance, your company brand will only improve with showing your commitments to volunteering. Whether it’s a program you build yourselves, or whether you attach your teams onto a pre-existing charity or group, you can advocate for that charity, promote and engage with your network and tell your customers that their money is going to more than a profit line.


      Corporate volunteering programs crucially engage future talent, and encourage people to engage with your company on a much more emotive level. Volunteering is an attractive proposition for candidates looking to work with you, and it sits at the cornerstone of workplace well being and mental health.


Harvey Nexus has been created precisely to help companies feeling the added burden of running a business in a pandemic. Our recruitment services are only as good as our lived experience, relevant advice and values. Burnout is exhausting, for everyone involved. We’re here to help.


We’re always on hand, through our mentoring systems and business support, to lend support where needed to workers and businesses in Texas.


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