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Things you should Never Do During Interview

  A resume and a good cover letter are the most important things to attract recruiters’ attention and help you get invited for the interviews. How about the deal breakers in the interviews? There are certain things that will definitely affect your chances of getting that job. In this article, we will discuss the things you should never do during the interview


Not Doing Your Homework

In almost every interview, the recruiters will ask you what you know about the company you’ve applied for. It will be a turn-off if you’re clueless about what services and products they’re offering. Simply check their website, read the mission statements, and about page online. 


Showing Up Too late

Candidates are expected on time not too early or not too late. Being late shows that you don’t have respect for the job and the interviewer’s time. Be there 10 minutes before the interview. In case of an emergency, inform and apologize to the interviewer.


Badmouthing your previous employer

You may have not gotten along with your previous employer but telling this in the interview is a big no-no. Never complain about your ex-boss as it will affect your interview in a negative way.


Dressing inappropriately

Business casual is the best attire for the interviews. It is all about the first impression. Wear professional and clean clothes with minimal accessories.


Talking about Money Too soon

Unless the interviewer asks you about your desired salary or an offer is put on the table, talking about money is not recommended.


Answering your phone

Answering and checking your phone during the interview will jeopardize your chance of getting that job. Remind yourself to turn off your cellphone and put it away so it won’t distract you. 


Bad Body Language

Failing to make eye contact, sitting improperly, crossing arms – these are the signals that show you are nervous. Sitting straight with a good posture and making eye contact will give a message to the interviewer about your self-confidence.



There are certain things that you should not do during the interview. Never underestimate the importance of a first impression. Your chances of getting hired will increase with the combination of knowledge, skills, and personality.

Ece Yorganci


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