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The Importance of a Portfolio

Having a well put together portfolio is an important aspect when it comes to getting a job. When you go on interviews, they might ask to see your portfolio or things that you have previously worked on.


That is why it is important that you always have a portfolio that is not only updated but contains your best relevant work. Remember to add things to your portfolio that shows your range of skills.


Your portfolio gives your future employers a snapshot of things you have done in your career. It is also a way for them to see the quality of your work and how you could potentially fit into their company.


No matter what profession it is you can have a portfolio. Portfolios can consist of many different things depending on your field. They can include articles, projects, presentations etc.


Portfolios can also come in many formats. You can have a physical copy of your portfolio in a book or a digital portfolio in the form of a website, digital notebook, etc. With a digital portfolio you are able to add all of your work and even link things from different websites that you have done. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your portfolio.


You can use sites like wordpress or wix to create a free portfolio website.


Since portfolios are highly requested by many employers, having one ready to go even if you do not think you need it is a good way to stay prepared.


Good luck on putting together your amazing portfolio.

        De’Nitria Price


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