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Interview Checklist – Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Getting prepared for your interview does take some introspecting. You may be thinking what do I wear? How many copies of my resume should I bring?

That’s where we got you covered. Below we have listed a few ways to get ready for your interview.


1.     Make sure to have copies of your resume on hand


It is important that you have copies of your resume just in case your interviewer would like another copy or if there are multiple interviewers in the room. It is also a good idea to bring a list of references and your portfolio.


2.     Research the company that you are interviewing with


It is important that you do your research on the company that you are interviewing with. It’s beneficial to be knowledgeable about the values of the company and the impact they have on the community.  This will potentially let you know what you might become a part of. Also It can be beneficial during your interview; by inserting this information about the company as you answer questions. That lets your interviewer know that you have done your research.


3.     Dress to Impress


Making a good first impression is important. When you walk into the interview that is most likely the first face to face meeting with your interviewer. This is where your attire is most important as your initial representation before your verbal introduction. Ensure that you are putting your best foot forward and select a great interview outfit.


4.   Go over potential interview questions


Interviewers are always improving the questions they ask at interviews. That’s why it’s great to have potential answers for great questions when they do come up. You shouldn’t try to think about every little thing you would say word for word. Just have in mind some points you would like to bring up when questions are asked.


5. Make sure you are well versed on your resume


More than likely your interviewer will ask you questions about your resume. Make sure you are able to answer questions about any part of your resume.


6. Have everything ready the night before


Having your outfit and all the documents you need for the interview out and ready to go is very helpful. This helps you to focus on the interview and reduces the risk of forgetting something or running late.


7. Relax


Even though interviews require a lot of focus. It’s great to show confidence by being relaxed. It is important that you get a good night’s sleep before your interview so you can be refreshed and focused. Believe that you have done all you can and trust that you will do great in your interview.


We hope these tips will help you rock your interview.

        De’Nitria Price


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