About Partnerships

Harvey Nexus is more than a Recruiter. 

We’re a community minded head hunter, a business incubator, accelerator, and we work with clear purpose: to offer support, career coach and help those most in need.



We’re partners in your company and your community. Our non-profit status means that, via a multiplicity of avenues we’re supporting both workers in challenging markets, and, crucially, we’re building business incubators and accelerators in Texas and beyond to better support and champion start-up’s and small enterprises, giving them the personnel and business support to weather the early-years storms of building an empire.

The Harvey Nexus Partnership Promise:



Direct Support


Your donation to our non-profit organization directly supports our mission, your community workers, and your firm’s social duty,


Donate to your means


Via a simple but effective donation tier system you can support us to your own means, and benefit from our network, business connections and candidate base,


Community Links


Through your donation you will be intrinsically and physically linked to your community, where you will see the fruits of your donation in real time, making real change,




We operate a fully transparent non-profit service, where you will be involved at every stage as we grow to help more and more people in deserving communities,


Business Incubation 


No matter how you donate, your generosity has a real impact, and is an essential cornerstone in how Harvey Nexus continues to support your community, your state, and your country via direct funding to business incubators and support networks.


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