Harvey Nexus Inc. is a nonprofit recruiting and career coaching organization focused on modern, sustainable, and community-minded Human Resource solutions.


Harvey Nexus focuses on organizational and cultural alignment through development and implementation of your firm’s core values while sourcing key talent, while implementing community led initiatives such as business incubation and career coaching to dramatically alleviate unemployment and underrepresentation in deserving regions across Texas, the Sun Belt and the wider South with extended community support Nationally.


We believe that your people are your organization’s most valuable assets and managing your people well is the best way to grow your organization. We also know that your people need to live in supported, upwardly mobile communities, where their hard work can tangibly and positively affect their community where possible.


As a recruiter and partner, we create customized resourcing solutions to meet your needs. We’re also aiming to become one of the most socially aware, impactful Non-Profit organizations, providing various social and business support services and initiatives to our communities through our sustainable business model, wider donor and volunteer network and career consultants.


Our objective is to equip and empower companies to maximize their human capital and organizational effectiveness, whilst simultaneously coaching individuals to reach their career and life goals.


Harvey Nexus Inc. is founded on the belief that empowered employees equal stronger organizations and stronger communities.


We differentiate from traditional recruitment by existing as a Non-Profit organization. That means every cent donated or raised in support of Harvey Nexus is fed right back into the community.


From concept and hiring strategy through to sourcing, hiring and where required redeployment and retraining, Harvey Nexus is an agile, modern recruiter, driven by social enterprise and love of community. We have a vision to become the region’s most effective, most trusted recruitment partner.

Why Harvey Nexus?



We have a vision: to be more than a recruiter.


At Harvey Nexus, we’re building a new, agile, modern way of supporting businesses and workers across Texas and beyond, and what sets Harvey Nexus apart from other recruiting consultancies is that we are not just career consultants.


We are a specialist business that has breadth and depth of experience in implementing organizational change across multiple industries and communities, whilst pioneering a new, modern way of social enterprise, corporate sponsorship and business incubation.


Harvey Nexus is geared towards solely reducing the growing unemployment rate as a non-profit; educating and equipping those active in the job market.  We aim to become a market-leading candidate-focused recruiter, bearing some of the load of re-training, and sourcing work, for some of our deserving people, communities and job sectors.


We immerse ourselves in our communities by analyzing both the operating environment and external factors, consulting with internal stakeholders at all levels to understand their drivers.


There are a wealth of options we will use to better support communities via initiative led action. From mentoring within our agency, to funding community groups or using our expanded network to help those in need connect with the right people, Harvey Nexus want to be a conduit between good people, great companies, and the chance to secure a future.


By doing this we can deliver tailored, modern, sustainable solutions which are practical, beneficial, and most urgent to communities, workers, and businesses.


At Harvey Nexus, we rely on our strong partnerships and proven methodologies that cut across, and benefit, communities, industries, and resources. Every cent donated or raised in support of Harvey Nexus is fed right back into the community, through business support and incubation, networking and corporate partnership.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become the most impactful nonprofit recruitment organization in Texas, the Sun Belt and the wider South with extended community support Nationally. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, teamwork and community-first.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a sustainable recruitment and career coaching consultancy that will lead to the direct growth and development of communities and businesses nationally.

Our Values



We conduct ourselves with honor, truthfulness, and openness in all our relationships, both internally and externally, with colleagues, partners, entrepreneurs, clients, and candidates. What we say is what we do and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest professional standards: as a Non-Profit, we’re completely candid and transparent about how we fund, support and aid our community and job seekers and we work to strict social enterprise rules.




We are always learning and improving. We strive for new professional heights, continue to challenge staid assumptions and we strengthen our reputation through creativity, courageousness and open-mindedness, using a mix of traditional recruitment methodology and augmenting it via the digital sphere.


The Holistic Approach


We know that great people are the cornerstone to success. To attract, engage, develop and retain the best in class, a unique, modern approach is required. Our firm is interconnected, both grounded in realistic expectations, tangible relationships, and wider trends and movements in multiple workplaces, enabling us to discover new solutions to new resourcing and business support issues.


Quality over Quantity


We value your time, and ensure that each interaction is meaningful, and outcome driven. Quality means recruiting with purpose, and delivering only the best.



Modern recruiting is truly relationship based – but in our unique modern world, using a range of knowledge, skills and networks is required to become market leaders, and achieve the best, all whilst maintaining efficiency of spend and resources. Our creed is minimum waste, maximum effort, and sustainability in everything we do.