Harvey Nexus Inc. is an impact-oriented 501c3 organization that addresses the social determinants that affect unemployment and poverty; with a strong focus on enhancing professionals and those in underrepresented communities. Our programs create opportunities for recruitment, career coaching, business support, career and financial resources.

Our mission is to alleviate unemployment by addressing systematic barriers and our goal is to reduce poverty by giving everyone a clearer view of their future.



Why? Because everyone deserves to make a living.


What We Offer

As an impact-oriented organization, we are committed to help individuals in the community succeed in life and career.

We deliver an opportunity marketplace that prepares and encourages participants through career mobility to prepare, place, and support job seekers into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible.

While providing career-relevant education, tools, and resources to be better prepared for the future of an ever-changing workforce.


With our success-driven specialized methodology, we teach employers real business value and train job seekers who are unemployed, underemployed, or underrepresented.

Credibility of the Team


Major decisions in the organization, are vetted by our board of Directors and implemented by our team. Moreover, we receive expert’s advice from Professors and Research professionals from local Colleges and Universities including Texas A&M, University of Houston, Lone Star College, Houston Community College, Harvard Research and, top companies such as Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, certificate emotional intelligence coaches, business strategist, specialized recruiters, current and former workforce development staff.

Why We Got Started

As jobs were lost, businesses closed, Inspiration was born.

Created by a team of great minds from around the nation who lost their jobs and businesses due to COVID.  Inspired to combine their knowledge and resources to make a difference on unemployment and poverty.  Determined to be that positive light to the community offering solutions addressing social determinants that prevent gainful employment and business opportunities.

Founded in Houston, Texas and now supporting the nation.

The goal is to be an inspiration for others to join us. We want our story to encourage actions that others can do the same. Because we believe, that now is the best time to reach out and support our community through education, training, recruiting, career coaching, business development, and human resource solutions.


You can also be a light to the community by partnering with us today. Any contributions donated or raised in support of Harvey Nexus Inc. are given back to the community.