At Harvey Nexus nothing goes unnoticed not even the selfless efforts of our valuable volunteers working day and night to create better job opportunities and empowering themselves with new skills. We highly acknowledge and appreciate the responsibilities that volunteers at Harvey Nexus perform each day which includes supporting participants as a coach, mentor, association leader, event planner, marketing and leadership expert, content and advocating for the mission of Harvey Nexus.

Our valuable volunteers are the building blocks of our learning ecosystem. 

Without the contribution and the sacrifices of our volunteers and supporters it would not be possible for Harvey Nexus to achieve our desired results with such perfection. 

Your contribution as a volunteer and donor creates jobs and empowers society to lead better life. 

We recognize and appreciate the tireless efforts of our prominent volunteers and through economic support and by providing them opportunities to enhance their specific skills and competencies to increase their overall value in professional world. 

On behalf of all those communities and individuals who have benefited through the efforts of our key volunteers and donors,  

Thank you for your passion of creating jobs and empowering societies.

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Volunteer to empower others to create better jobs.

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Monetary contributions to our mission of creating jobs and livable income. 

The Impact Of Our Professional Members & Supporters 

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