As a 501c3 dedicated to upskilling the world’s workforce.

We believe by empowering employees organizations become stronger.

Our mission is to impact economic and educational growth by repurposing unused career skills into new high-impact abilities.

We do this by identifying the current skills used by employees along with the training required for the workforce to be efficient.

We have Sponsorship opportunities in Innovative Training for both your staff and surrounding communities to re-sharpen their skills and evolve competitively and collaboratively in this ever-changing workforce.

We also seek to ensure program participants are able to address the multifaceted challenges they face today as well as the unpredictable challenges of tomorrow with wraparound services such as professional coaching and access to information in critical areas such as healthcare, childcare, and financial literacy.

Meet Our Partners & Sponsors 

3 Ways To Get Involved

Employer Partner

BECOME AN EMPLOYER PARTNER: A rewarding experience for you and your company. 

Build diverse talent, develop your employees and engage your company with your community. 

With thoughtful conversations with your team, we’ll develop an outcomes-driven partnership customized to your needs.



Opportunities for transformational change requires inclusive discussion around connected thinking like never before. 

Let’s work together to advance the community creating a pathway to opportunity with education, training, and resources for those who need it the most. 

We are on a mission to help 10 million people grow and develop within their career in any industry and from any background, anywhere in the world so they can thrive in every area of their lives. 

Connecting talented individuals with leading education and skill-building organizations, committed employers with family-sustaining jobs, and wraparound support services.

Professional Volunteering

Amplify your team by engaging in professional volunteerism.

We have several volunteer projects for every skill, time commitment, and cause area. 

Find the one that excites you – and complete it virtually while making the world a better place.

Skills-based volunteering It’s a noble and rewarding course to take and an impactful way to give back. 

Become a coach, mentor, session leader, event planner, or provide critical support to the community with skills in marketing, copy editing, leadership coaching, operations, and more. 

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