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Empowering Communities. Lasting Impact.

No matter how you donate, your generosity has a real impact, and is an essential cornerstone in how Harvey Nexus continues to support your community, your state, and your country via direct funding to our mission, business incubators and support networks.

Partnership Levels

$150,000+ Annually

You’ll be the benchmark in brand partnership: your donations
will make lasting, permanent change and you’ll be donor-leader in the creation
of business incubators and accelerators across Texas, the South and beyond.
You’ll have unique access to our talent pool and candidate support, alongside
premium job visibility; advertisement; social media brand recognition and
corporate partnership.


Executive: $75,000+ Annually

You’ll play an important part in building the amazing support
structure that directly goes to building our business accelerators – your
donations will provide a more visible, better funded business network which you
will become a part of, guaranteeing premium access to our vast candidate pool
and wider networking opportunities.


Visionary: $50,000 Annually

Being a visionary partner means working with us on real life
change – for a smaller donation, we look to help you where it matters – whether
its candidate access, social media promotion or business support, we work with
you on key issues and help support you where it matters, while your donation
goes straight into the community you work in.


Influencer: Varied

As an influencer, we make the process of partnering with us easy
and efficient, and you still benefit
from our large array of support networks. Your donations go into the heart of
your community without breaking your bank, and you’ll be vital in the
sustainability of your working communities throughout the post-Covid
environment and beyond.


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