Upskilling The World's WorkForce


Our Mission

Alleviate Unemployment & Reduce Poverty



Through research, analysis, and engagement with critical stakeholders and the community, Harvey Nexus understands how to attract, train, and place qualified talent in these careers. 

Working closely with employers we bring stakeholders together and helps with:

  • Understand the skills your current and future employers need.
  • Offer more effective career guidance to support growth and sustainability.  
  • Work with your CSR/ ESG team to understand the landscape of the community to build positive relationships and outcomes.


Our Programs support high-tech high-growth industries in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Business, Cyber Security, Data Science, Product Management, Programming, and Development. 

We Support job growth and the economy by working with corporations with their upskilling initiatives, university, and community colleges in their career centers; 

Strengthening the pipeline of skilled workers that employers need, and for talent to gain valuable experience and support they need to be successful with a livable wage. 

All our participants have access to mentorship, career counseling, interview, and resume preparations to be better prepared for one’s career journey.



We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to prepare their executive teams to be effective leaders in digital transformation addressing the talent gaps in areas like digital transformation, data science, cybersecurity, and cloud computing to create job-ready talent and develop talents to lead the future.


Challenge yourself and advance your career. Submit your resume to gain access to our exclusive opportunities, training and the resources you may need to succeed.

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Harvey Nexus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization building a better path for talent in Technology and Innovation. 

Our mission is to alleviate unemployment and reduce poverty by providing education, training, resources, and opportunities to the workforce addressing the gaps of accessibility and inclusion globally.

We are a purpose-driven organization and, a transformation company on a mission to help 10 million people grow and develop within their career in any industry and from any background, anywhere in the world so they can thrive in every area of their lives.

Connecting talented individuals with leading education and skill-building organizations, committed employers with family-sustaining jobs, and wraparound support services. 

We partnered with organizations that have a shared focus on making a positive social, economic & environmental impact such as employers in high tech, high growth industries, government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Meet Our Partners & Sponsors 


Harvey Nexus is partnered with employers, educators, community-based leaders, and public officials to join us in accelerated, collective action to grow the skilled workforce that our glocal community needs to compete in the global economy to create opportunity for all and remain competitive.